Top 5 Attractions in Paphos

Top 5 Attractions in Paphos

Paphos town is one of the coastal town of Cyprus that contains many beautiful locations and attractions. Many tourists are visiting Paphos to enjoy Paphos attractions and learn information about the history of the town. We are providing a list of the top 5 attractions and places which are a must visit during your holidays. Of course there are people with different opinion. But listening to opinion of both local people and tourists, we ended up with the specific list as below. And just do you know, Taxi Vangelis & Son is able to provide taxi services to and from the specific attractions. You can >>BOOK TAXI ONLINE<< specifying the pick up and drop off place.

1) Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park is one of the most important and valuable attraction of the city. It has been awarded by UNESCO as
one of the World Heritage Sites in 1980. There are many interesting historical riuns you can enjoy. There are mosaics, statues,Paphos Archaeological Park
murals and other archaeological discoveries.

The most well known part of the arhaeological park is the Ancient Odeon. Oden was i an archaeologcal style theatre which was used
in the past years. Nowadays Odeon has been refubished and is used for different theaters that take place in Paphos during summer time.

There also another part of the Archaeological park which very well know. It took his name because many kings in archaeological years
had their last resting. It is a very beautiful underground area which is supported by Doric pillars.

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2) Paphos Castle

Many years ago Cyprus has been occupied by Romans, British and Ottomans. An important place for the occupiers was Paphos Castle. ThePaphos Medieval Castle main reason occupiers wanted Paphos Castle was because they were using it as a military base. It was the first fort which has been
build during Byzantine period and which was used as protection for the port. But through the years the castle has also been used as
a prison and fortress.

Nowadays many visitors are visiting Paphos Castle since it is considered as an archaeological attraction. You can also enjoy the
from inside and check all the different locations where people used to hide their food and armament. Walking through the narrow
stairs to the top of the castle you can also enjoy the view and get better understanding on how people used to fight at that period.

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3) Coral Bay BeachCoral Bay Beach

One of the most popular, if not the most popular, beach in Paphos is placed north of Paphos near Peyia center. The clean water and the
beautiful sand is one of the main characteristics of the beach. Many people from other countries and cities are visiting Coral Bay
to enjoy a great sunny day out with family and friends. There are also different bars and restaurants you can buy drinks and snacks.
If you fancy having a more extreme day out then there are plenty of water sports you can use. There are also of course water sports
which are also suitable for families (ex. slide-cycle). On the other hand if you are looking to have a relaxed day out lying under
the sun then this is a great place to visit.

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4) Lara Turtle Beach

An important part of Paphos which has been declared and protected by European Union as a protected area for animals. Due to the number
of turtles that are born at the are is now protected and people cannot use the specific beach. Many turtles are visiting the area
to grow their eggs. After a specific period, baby turtles appear and swim towards the sea to travel to other destinations.

A bit further from the point which is protected, there is also a beautiful beach which can be publicly used. The specific beach is
very famous to both local people and tourists because the is extremely clean and crystal and the golden sand is very soft and

5) Petra tou Romiou

Petra tou Romiou or “Rock of the Roman” is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Paphos Cyprus. It is located near the main
road which connected Paphos and Limassol. Many people are visiting the place to enjoy the clear water and learn more about the story
of the rock.Petra tou Romiou

Petra tou Romiou is also known as Aphrodite’s Rock and it is very well known place both for local people and tourists. Travelling from
Paphos to Limassol or from Limassol to Paphos you will be able to see it from the main road. It is a very large rock where people
also usually climb and dive from the highest point. The place is very easily accessible since it is connected with the main road which
connects Paphos with Limassol.

The story of Aphrodite’s rock starts from a myth which says that it was the place where Aphrodite’s birth took place. This from where
its name is coming from. There is also another myth from Byzantine years. The name of the rock is “Patra tou Romiou” which means
“The Rock of the Greek”. The specific name represents a legend called “Digenis Akritas” which was an ancient hero who through the
rock to the enemies that were attacking them from the sea. Sarakinians, who were the enemies were trying to capture Cyprus, but
Digenis Akritas stopped them by throwing the rock towards them. The rock landed at the point where it is still sitting nowadays.

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