Minthis Hills Golf Club

Do you fancy spending your day playing golf and having fun with friends and family? Minthis Hills Golf Club is a great place since it is located near a monastery which has been build since twelve century. The place has an amazing view as there are a lot of threes in the surrounding area. There are a lot of trees, lakes, etc. which will give you a relaxed feeling while enjoying a day out playing golf.

About Minthis Hills Golf Club

Minthis Hills Golf Club has got the oldest golf course in the whole country. And this is because the course has been developed in 1994 by Donald Steel. The course is surrounded by an ancient garden which includes different plants and fruit trees (ex. olive trees, grapevines).

Golf Facilities

If you are not an expert in playing golf you do not need to worry. The place is not just for people who are expert in playing golf. You can, of course, try and improve your skills even if you are a starter. There will be a staff member there ready to help you and make sure that you will enjoy a day out playing golf.

There are quite a few holes on the whole course so you will be entertained quite a long time. There are specific holes which provide more special views than other ones. So we are sure that you will enjoy the green and water surrounding.


Except for all the above, Minthis Hills Golf Club provides you with the chance to improve your skills. The academy is covering and helps you improve all the aspects of the game and of course have a good time.


There is also a shop where you can buy all the equipment you need. Whether you are a professional golf player or a starter who is looking getting into golf, then this is the place. You can find all the necessary equipment you need depending on your needs and skills. So do not think twice, visit their shop and look around to see all the products they can provide.

Taxi Service to Minthis Hills Golf Club

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Minthis Hills Golf Club Minthis Hills Golf Club

You can find more information about Minthis Hills by visiting their website here!

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