Professional Taxi Drivers

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Professional Taxi Drivers

Except from our excellent service we are making sure that our drivers are professional with excellent customer service. Our well trained drivers are ready to provide an exceptional service while using our taxi services. If you are arriving to Cyprus from another country, our driver will make sure to take you luggage and store them on the back of the taxi safely.

Our drivers can provide information about the different attractions, shops etc. around Cyprus. So if you would like to learn more information, do not hesitate to ask them.

Wheelchair Passengers and Special Equipment

Our drivers will be there to help any wheelchair passengers. They will help you get in the taxi making sure that you are comfortable with your sit belt on. You wheelchair will be stored safely on the back of the taxi.

For travelers with special equipment, our taxi drivers will make sure the equipment will be stored in a an appropriate place. Making sure that the equipment will be returned to you in the same condition as it was before. Our drivers will appreciate that your equipment maybe expensive and will make sure it will not be stolen or damaged while using our services.

Please let us know beforehand in case any special requirements is required.