Taxi Vangelis & Son provides excellent taxi services around Paphos including Paphos Airport and Larnaca Airport. Our aim is to provide the best possible service and have satisfied customers. Check out our prices as below and book your taxi now! If the destination you are looking is not listed below then please contact us and we will quote a price for you.


From DestinationTo Destination1—4 Seats1—7 Seats
Paphos AirportPaphos€25.00€30.00
Paphos AirportAphrodite Hills€30.00€40.00
Paphos AirportTombs of the Kings€30.00€35.00
Paphos AirportCoral Bay & Peyia€40.00€45.00
Paphos AirportPolis€55.00€65.00
Paphos AirportPissouri€40.00€50.00
Paphos AirportLimassol€55.00€65.00
Paphos AirportLarnaca€100.00€120.00
Paphos AirportNicosia€125.00€150.00
Paphos AirportAyia Napa€150.00€180.00


From DestinationTo Destination1—4 Seats1—7 Seats
Larnaka AirportPaphos€100.00€120.00
Larnaka AirportAphrodite Hills€130.00€160.00
Larnaka AirportTombs of the Kings€130.00€155.00
Larnaka AirportCoral Bay & Peyia€140.00€165.00
Larnaka AirportPolis€155.00€185.00
Larnaka AirportPissouri€140.00€170.00


We provide a wide range of taxi services depending on your needs. Whether you are looking for taxi service to Cyprus Airports, or whether you are looking to travel to a specific address, we are here to help. We can also provide different tours with our professional drivers who will explain you the different attractions and places you will visit. Using our taxi services you will also be able to enjoy the luxurious and comfortable taxi cars which are also wheelchair friendly.

Cyprus Airport Transfers

We offer 24/7 excellent airport transfer service to Paphos Airport and Larnaca Airport.

Address Pickup

We can arrange pick up point right outside your house. All you we need is your address and we will arrange the rest.

Cyprus Taxi Tours

We offer tours of various duration and complexity. Visit different attractions using our tour services.

Professional Drivers

Our drivers are professional and qualified. They are ready to provide the best possible service.

Professional Taxi Cars

Our taxi cars are well equipped with many extras including full air condition, comfortable seats etc.

Wheelchair Friendly

Our taxi service can be offered to people who are using wheelchair. Our drivers will help you out.


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