Paphos Taxi

Often when travelling you don’t know who to trust with your transportation needs.  However, you can rest assured that Taxi Vangelis and Son have you covered.  We work with clients to get you where you need to be in comfort and on time.  We have many of our services already quoted on our website. This makes it easy for the guest that is just arriving at our airport to know what their upfront costs will be. 

If you are a guest of the island and need a ride from Cyprus Airport to any of the popular destinations, you can give us a call.  And, we also offer our Paphos Taxi services to be available when you need us.  We are open around the clock and you can even schedule a pickup, should you know the time you are going to arrive. This Paphos Taxi has thought of everything.  Have us pick you up as soon as you land and not have to wait to call.

Taxi Service Paphos

We offer our Paphos Taxi service for all the of the Paphos area.  And, often find ourselves driving to the Phaethobn Hotel, Pioneer Hotel, and Athina Beach.  We love our community and this area and are pleased to answer any questions you may have about it.  We work as well as live on the island, which allows us to experience all that Cyprus has to offer.

While you are here, be sure to take a Paphos Taxi to the beach!  Paphos taxi services are perfect for getting around the island in comfort and the beach is certainly one of the popular tourist destinations.

Taxi from Paphos Airport and Lamarca Airport

We pride ourselves on having very clean taxis as well as kind and understanding drivers.  We understand that travelling in a foreign country can be a bit scary.  However, Cyprus is a very safe community and is used to having a lot of foreign guests.  We actually have a lot of tourist-type businesses that cater just to them.  As a Paphos Taxi service, we too cater to many of our foreign friends and would like to welcome you to the island. 

Be sure to take some tours and see the famous Aphrodite pools and swim in the amazing clear ocean.  There is also snorkelling and many enjoy seeing the beautiful reef and its inhabitants.  We take many on this exciting adventure and love hearing what they have seen on their way back. 

Cyprus Taxis

If you are one of the lucky ones that are travelling to Cyprus in the near future, we welcome you.  Should you have any questions about the island or how our Paphos taxi service can help you, we are happy to answer them.  We work with business clients as well as vacationers that are here to simply enjoy themselves.  We understand that prompt timing is important as your stay with us is short.

As guests of our Paphos taxi service, we hope that you enjoy your ride.  Be sure to leave an amazing review telling others!  We are a small family owned and operated company and truly appreciate your business.

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