Coral Bay Beach

About Coral Bay

One of the most beautiful beaches in Paphos, Coral Bay, is located in Pegeia which is around 20 minutes by car from the city center. It is one of the most famous beach in the town where many tourists from different countries visit the specific place because of the crystal clear waters and and beautiful sand it has got. The specific area has been awarded with the Blue Flag certificate which since it has all the required regulations and standards of the European Union.

Coral Bay is also one of the most famous beach not only to tourists but also to local people. This is the reason why during your visit, you will be able to see people from different countries and regions enjoying the sun and having great time out with friends and family. An important part of Coral Bay which makes it unique is the golden sand and deep is the water. There are specific places where the water is very low and this makes the place a lot safer for small kids. The sand is also continues even inside the sea and you will very barely find a small stone. Other than that, it is golden sand everywhere you go!


How to get there?

Weather you are living at a hotel or apartment, we can always arrange and sent our driver to bring to this beautiful place where you can have a nice time out with family and friends. And instead of waiting for the bus service, you can always book your taxi with us and will be right there on time to serve. And bare in mind that after a great and relaxed time out in the beach, the taxi driver can

pass from any local shop if you fancy an ice cream before you them head towards your accommodation.

Coral Bay Beach