Paphos Harbour and Port

About Paphos Harbour

Paphos Harbour is one of the busiest places, especially during the summer period. It is a nice place especially for tourists to visit during their vacations because they are a variety of shops and restaurants they can visit. A harbour is a place which is very easily accessible from all sides of the town since most of the main roads of the city are ending towards the port. Of course, we can arrange a pickup which can be either the hotel/apartment you are living in or any other location, and transfer you towards the port where you can spend a relaxed time enjoying the sun, the sea and of course the excellent Cyprus food.

Things to Do

There are many places you can visit while spending time at Paphos port. First of all, you can visit the famous Paphos Medieval Castle which is places at the end of the harbour. Moreover, there are also other attractions like Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, Paphos Mosaics, etc.

Except for the attractions you can visit, there are also other exciting facilities to do. A great example is to arrange a short cruise to a specific destination using the cruise companies which are located at the port. Many different companies are providing cruises to different destinations using different types of boats depending on which one you prefer. There are boats where you have the ability to see underwater and find the different types of fish in Cyprus. There are also other cruises where you can arrange your birthday party which may include fireworks, great food and other facilities.

If you would like to have a great day at Paphos harbour and port, it will be our pleasure to use our service!

Paphos Harbour and Port

Paphos Harbour and Port

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