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General Information

Are you looking for an exciting day learning more information about animals? A good place to visit is the Paphos Zoo which is located near Pegeia. The zoo started as a personal interest of the owner and then it grew up really quickly ending up being awarded the certificate to become a zoo.

It is the only zoo located in Paphos and many tourists are visiting it mainly during summertime. It contains many animals like mammals, birds, fish etc. You can enjoy a lovely day out with family and friends enjoying and learning more information about different animals. The zoo also includes information about each animal individually on the sign located outside the cage where the animals are found. Reading the specific signs you can learn more specific information about the animals.

Furthermore, the zoo also includes different shows by professional staff members. They mainly make shows using specific animals which are trained and friendly to the visitors. The professional staff members will be able to also explain more information about different animals and be able to answer any questions you possibly have. We can, of course, provide you with your transportation towards the zoo and make sure that you will be there at the requested time.

We can also arrange for your return journey depending on your needs. For more information visit their website!

Paphos Zoo