Paphos Castle


Probably one of the most important and famous attractions of Paphos is the Castle. It is located right on the right far edge of Paphos Harbour. It has been constructed during the Byzantine fort so it can protect the city from enemies. During 1570, Venetians destroyed it but it was rebuilt by Ottomans who capture the island. It has also been used as a jail, warehouse, etc after the British occupation of the island.

General Information

Nowadays, Paphos Castle is used as a backdrop for many festivals, musicals and other events which take place outside the castle. Many excavations have been completed to find out the history of the castle. Nowadays it has become one of the most popular destinations of tourists who are looking to find more about the history behind the castle. If you are looking to find information about the it and you are looking for transportation, then do not hesitate to use our taxi service.

Taxi Service Arrangements

We can arrange your taxi service where you can discover its history and learn more information about it. You can also enter it and enjoy the view from the roof where the troops of the defensive team where standing ready to attack the enemies. Visiting the castle will provide give you the opportunity to learn the different traps and other methods people were using to avoid enemies who manage to get inside. There are also places where the defensive army used to hide before they start the fight. It is for sure one of the most popular attraction of the city and a must-see attraction.

Paphos Medieval Castle

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