Petra tou Romiou

Travelling towards Paphos from the main road which connects the city with the other cities of Cyprus, you can recognise the famous rock. The rock is called “Petra Tou Romiou”. According to mythology, Aphrodite rose from the waves of the specific sea which is the reason the specific coast is very famous for its beauty.

Why called Petra Tou Romiou?

The name of the specific rock was given because of Digenis Akritas who was a legendary hero of Greek mythology. The story mentions that the legendary Byzantine hero grabbed the rock with his right hand and “Pentadaktylos”. With the other and threw the rock to the enemies. Because of the above story, the rock has been named “Petra Tou Romiou”. And the second rock the hero grabbed was “Pentadaktylos”. You can find more information about Pentadaktylos mountain on our website.

The specific place is an excellent place to visit while having a great time in Paphos, Cyprus. You can, of course, enjoy the beautiful sea and have great food at the restaurants which are located near the rock. There are also many signs with more information about “Petra Tou Romiou”. From there you can gain more information about the history of the area and more details about the story of the mythology.

The specific place also includes some local shops where you can find different accessories and local sweets, delights, nuts, key rings, etc. So do not wait and have your taxi booked! Choose our service and we will make sure that you will have a great experience! Book your taxi now!


Petra tou Romiou