1. General

Below you can find some of the most regular locations we are providin our services. But except from the locations as below, we can provide services all over Paphos based on your requirements.
There are taxi stands all around Paphos, but using our service you can specify the exact pick up point and we will make sure that we will be there on time.
We provide different ways to book your taxi. You can call us on our number which is paled at the header of our website.If you do not prefer calling us especially if you are living in another country and will be visiting Cyprus and do not prefer to call us, you can book your taxi online by filling our form on the home page of our site.Finally, you can email at info@taxivangelisandson.com making sure that you include information about the time and the place you would like to book your taxi from. It will also be appreciated if you can include the destination so we can have a rough idea how long the journey will be and how many passengers will be travelling so we can make sure we can provide the most suitable, comfortable and relaxed taxi.
You can find most of our prices at the home page of our website. But if you would like to travel in any other destination which is not included in the specific list, you can then contact us and we will be able to provide you with more information about the specific service you need.
We always welcome any feedback from our customers since it will make us improve our services and make them more suitable to the customer needs.If you would like to give us feedback for any service we provided, you are very welcome to submit your feedback using the feedback form we have on our Facebook page or Tripadvisor website.

2. Our Taxis

While placing your booking we will make sure that we will provide the most suitable car. Depending from the amount of passengers and weather there are any passengers with special needs, we will make the appropriate arrangements to meet your needs. In case you have any wheelchairs or buggies, we will make sure that the appropriate car will arrive which will have space at the back of the car where you will be able to store them.
In some occasion where you will need a mini bus or any other type of vehicle, please let us know while placing your booking and we will make sure that we will provide you with the correct vehicle.
Of course we accept bookings many weeks before. We always keeps a schedule and track our bookings to make sure that we will serve our customers equally. So do not wait until the last minute and book your taxi now to make sure that you are completely prepared for your holidays.

3. Lost & Found

If you have lost something while using our services, you do not need to worry as we will keep the item safe for you. If our driver realize that there was something left inside the car, then he will immediately call you so we can arrange to return it back to you. Otherwise the lost item/s will be returned to our main offices from where you will be able to collect them.
You can contact us using the details as below:Tel: +357-99044163 or +357-99647249Email: info@taxivangelisandson.com
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